​Home Winterizing


  •  Shut off water at meter or main water “shutoff” valve outside is cutoff
  • Drain water heater and any well or holding tanks other than the heat system
  • Shut off gas or electricity to water heater. Place sign on water heater stating:   “DO NOT TURN ON”
  • Drain all internal and external water supply lines including any well holding tanks, or underground
  • Leave all faucets and intermediate valves from the shutdown point open, including all sill cocks
  • Drain all water closet tanks and add antifreeze to tanks (ensure the traps are blown out)
  • Put Minus 50 Degree Antifreeze in the Following:

                           Water Closet Bowl Traps

                           Lavatory Traps
                          Kitchen Sink Traps
                          Bathtub Traps
                          Shower Traps
                          Sauna Floor Drain Traps
                          Laundry Floor Drain Traps
                          Basement Floor Drain Traps
                          Bar Sink Trap
                          Laundry Tub Traps

       Place special non-toxic antifreeze solution in dishwasher drain and cycle to assure solution entered pump
       Place sign on toilet stating “DO NOT USE THE TOILET” and tape the toilet seat covers closed
       Place sign on the nearest window clearly visible to front door stating “THIS HOME HAS BEEN WINTERIZED”

       Power to sump pumps must remain on to assure property will not be damaged by flooding
       Close all fireplace dampers and fireplace vents
       Electrical service and heating systems remain “ON” and set at 55 degrees during winter months. Broker to tape thermostat to prevent tampering

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