Relocation Inspections 

        What is a relocation inspection? 
Relocation inspections are home inspections for individuals that are being relocated due to a job change or promotion. Relocation Inspections are paid for by the

   employer when the relocation is required by the employer. Relocation Inspections usually require use of ERC (Employee Relocation council) forms.  We have performed                several hundred relocation inspections for major corporations as well as relocation inspection companies.

       We are one of the very few relocation inspection companies that can provide all of the inspection services you need in house. We offer:

         Home Inspections
         Termite Inspection
         Radon Testing
         Mold Inspections / Testing
         Partial Inspections

     And more! All of these services are provided by the owner, James Parascand and his Team of Certified Inspectors.

Customer Satisfaction

      Our customers love us. We have 98.7 percent customer satisfaction rating and our service teams are dedicated to speed, accuracy, professionalism and clarity. We exceed

   the expectations of our clients on a regular basis-but we refuse to stop there.

      I also have full time office staff so there is always someone around to answer the phone if you have any questions

     If you need a relocation inspection in Virginia or Washington DC give us a call

Thank you and we look forward to working for you.

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